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Stay Active in Mt. Pelion


The mountains, the forest and the sea, render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human.” – Victor Hugo.

95 million years ago during the last age of the Dinosaurs, the Balkan Peninsula rose from the depths of the Tethys Ocean to form modern day Greece. What once was a seabed of Ammonites and corals now stands high above the waves. Towering above the sea stands Mt. Pelion, home of the Centaurs and ancient Myths.

This week we depart from Skiathos and follow the geolocial journey of central Greece from the bottom of the sea to the highest peaks.

In collaboration with Hellas CanyoningBike or Hike and our most trusted Scuba instractor; Marios Zervas, we ascend from the bottom of the sea to the slopes of one of the most iconic mountains of Greece to wash the salt off our skin in natural pools and waterfalls.

Discover the natural beauty within the gorges of Mt. Pelion, dive into crystal clear waters  ride a mountain bike on the most scenic routes along the mountains and paddle your cayak along the wind battered coastlines and sea caves.

The journey’s activities are aimed towards beginners, intermediate or advanced Divers and Canyoneers alike. However if you deem yourself an advanced diver you will be required to provide us with the necessary documentation as a proof of your underwater prowess.

DetailsSailing 1-4 hours per day
TypeScuba diving, Cycling, Canyoning
Yacht TypeMonohull
DepartureSkiathos Marina
Check inSaturday 05:00 pm
Check outSaturday 09:00 am
BringSwimwear, Lots of sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Water resistant jacket and a pair of good walking shoes

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Day 1 

Check in at 17:00. Meet your captain, your hostess and your crew. Get ready for our departure from Skiathos to Tsougria islet. Dinner onboard

Day 2

For our first day we will explore the souther coast of Skiathos before we head to the tip of Mt. Pelion. Dinner onboard

Day 3

Get ready to Dive in to the depths. Today the day is dedicated to Scuba diving before we make moore to the island of Trikeri. Tonight we dine in one of the best fish taverns of the area.

Day 4 

Early rise as we head deeper into the Pagasitikos gulf for our Canyoning session. Dinner Onboard

Day 5

After our breakfast we ll hop on our bikes for tour around souther Pelion while the boat heads out to meet us at Paleo Trikeri. in the evening we will sail to the easter side of Pelion.  Dinner onboard

Day 6

Time to sail to Skopelos and explore it’s coastline with our Cayaks before we head to Port to discover the Chora.

Day 7 

Today is another opportunity to paddle around Skopelos coastline as we sail beach to beach before we head back to Skiathos in the evening.

Day 8 

Check out at 09:00


For this activity we are going to dive in the ” Good luck” wreck site. The site is ideal for beginner or advanced scuba divers alike as it extends from the depth of 6 meters up to 20 meters.  ” Good Luck” is a motoryacht built in 1917 which ironically sunk in 1975 due to water intake. Despite the crew’s best effort to save it, it unfortunately sunk in the shallow waters of the bay. However, it’s proximity to the coastline meant that there were no casualties and fortunately for us it sets an ideal diving site with plenty of light and clear waters.

Disclaimer. If you wish to partake in the advanced version of the dive you will be required after your booking to provide us with the necessary certifications as stated in our FAQ

Our cycling tour starts at Tzasteni, a natural harbor of unique beauty in South Pelion. We will start with our bikes moving to another natural harbor called Alogoporos at the edge of the Pagasiticos Gulf, just across Trikeri Island. Our route will be in asphalt, quiet road and for about 20 kilometers we will enjoy the incredible beauty of the landscape by stopping on wonderful beaches for small breaks.
This Adventure will take us at Galanorema Canyon located in the eastern part of Pelion, above Zagora village. The canyon is full of crystal clear lakes and also 5 beautiful waterfalls up to 11m, slides, jumps and wild vegetation.

Included :

  • Yacht
  • Skipper
  • Hostess
  • Cayoning gear
  • Scuba Diving gear
  • Mountain Bike
  • Cayaks
  • 6 x Breakfast
  • 6 x Lunch
  • 7 x Dinner
  • Mooring fees
  • Fuel
  • Dinghy & outboard
  • Towels & Linen
  • Cleaning fees

Not included : 

  • Flights & Transfers

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Each cabin has room for 2. You’ll get to meet other sailors on deck. Have a blast!

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Book a whole yacht to accomodate your crew.

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  • 1. Do I need to be an experienced sailor to join?

    Not really. Most of our travelers were first time sailors and they loved it. Jack & Jenny Sailing Weeks are led by friendly and professional captains, so you can relax on board while your captain or crew take care of the rest.

    Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to pick up some nautical skills. Whether it’s pulling ropes, setting sails or steering the wheel, you can engage yourself in sailing as much as you desire.

  • 2. How many people are required to book a whole yacht?

    A group of maximum 6 or 8 persons is the optimal number to book a yacht to full capacity.

    Thus, a group of 6 persons can book a 3 double-cabin yacht, and a group of 8 can book a 4 double-cabin yacht.

    Nevertheless you can be a group of 1 to 6 (or 1 to 8) persons and still book a whole yacht. The final price will be adapted according to specific costs that can be reduced.

  • 3. Who will I share my cabin with?

    If you book with a friend, you will share one cabin together.

    If you’re traveling solo, we will do our best to pair people of the same gender in cabins but we cannot guarantee it.

    A cabin of two single bunk beds might be available depending on yacht availability.

  • 4. What should I bring with me?

    First of all, travel light! Think like a traveler and not like a tourist.
    Moreover as sailors, we share a limited amount of space for a week, so be practical and keep in mind that most of the day we only wear our swimwear.

    Sailing boat essentials:
    – Swimsuit
    – Flip Flops
    – Hat
    – Sunglasses
    – Sunscreen & after sun cream
    – Towel / scarf or pareo
    – Light jacket (windproof type) or a hoodie
    – Books
    – Cash (euros)

    Beddings and towels are provided, consider only bringing a sleeping bag if you want to sleep on the deck or beach.
    Feel free to bring music in any kind of forms.

stay active in pelion

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